One Man’s Trash

In Thinking About Food on February 26, 2010 at 7:32 pm

The pork belly bao were, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my contribution to a Chinese New Year’s potluck party.

K&T, the evening’s hosts, had make two Peking-style ducks. As K was carving the ducks and setting the bones aside, I suggested that he save them for making stock. I tried to ballpark a recipe for him – cover the bones with water, throw in an onion, boil, simmer, skim, strain – but could tell he wasn’t super-psyched to try it. So I offered to take the bones home, make stock, and have the two of them over for a meal that would, of course, include a soup made from said stock. He was game (ha!), and set the bones aside for me to claim at evening’s end. We left the kitchen, sat down to dinner, and at the evening’s end, I realized that I’d forgotten to tell T – who cleaned up after the meal – about the carcass-saving bargain her husband and I had struck.

When I went into the kitchen, the bag of bones were (understandably) nowhere in sight – until I saw a corner of the bag sticking out of the trash can. Alone in the kitchen, I looked at that square inch of plastic peeking out from under the can’s lid, and I thought: “Too far.”

Apparently I’m the kind of person who doesn’t think it’s weird to ask to take garbage home from a party, but does think it’s weird to take the garbage out of the garbage.

  1. Sounds like I deprived us all of some awesome soup by throwing away those bones. Sorry!

  2. No sweat. I’m sure I’ll find some more garbage somewhere.

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