This Search Engine Needs a Tune-Up

In Thinking About Food on August 10, 2010 at 7:01 pm

or, Who is Googling This Stuff?

It’s only been a month since my last post on this subject, but so many side-splitters have been rolling in, I couldn’t hold off any longer.

Searches for “smart cabbage” are still going strong, and as many readers as ever have questions about dealing with pork belly and fatback. Tamarillo and guanabana remain perpetual topics of medical interest; pregnant women are still scared of deli items; no one knows how to make bao; and black currants puzzle everyone.

  • bao making
  • making bao
  • bao buns
  • bao balls
  • parmigiano reggiano and pregnancy and death
  • can you eat cuban sandwiches pregnant
  • why are radishes bad when you’re pregnant
  • garlic shoots for pregnant women
  • garlic scamps
  • frozen guanabana fruit and cancer causes
  • cancer fighting properties of guanabana
  • does the guanabana fruit kill cancer
  • guanabana pulp used on skin for cancer treatment
  • how to eat guanabana
  • guanabana like
  • black currants taste like meat
  • black currants make me feel ill
  • black currants good and bad
  • when to eat tamarillo
  • how to eat tamarillo
  • how to know when to eat tamarillo
  • what does tamarillo taste like
  • is creamed herring raw?
  • is pork belly supposed to smell?
  • canning
  • serious ass canning
  • cabbage shaped erasers
  • scandanavian commuter facts
  • how to steal union terrace chairs
  • fatty boombalatty etymology
  • lye carcass deer
  1. I too would like to know how to know when to eat a tamarillo.

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