Winter Hiatus

In Thinking About Food on November 12, 2010 at 3:25 pm

I guess it’s time to admit — formally, and in writing; to myself as well as to my readers — that the truth is: I’m on hiatus.

No secret, really. It’s been five weeks since my last post, so those of you who like to take things (like my tagline, “a new food every week”) literally have  probably figured it out. I’ve been, well, busy: working, commuting on the CTA (what is the deal with the transition between the Red and Purple lines at Howard? I mean, seriously.), teaching cooking classes (four in the next nine days!), writing for Gapers Block, hosting out-of-town guests, and — oh yeah — being eight months pregnant. That kind of stuff takes up time. And being busy makes me fall back on my arsenal of well-rehearsed recipes and familiar ingredients — you know, the non-glamorous, easy-going, comfortable things you’ve made so many times before that you’ve got them on auto-pilot. Not exactly the kind of stuff of which this blog is made.

Really, I’m not sure what’s harder: not being able to do everything, or admitting that I’m not able to do everything. Which I guess is why I haven’t written this, the obvious, sooner.

I’ll still post once in a while, and will still teach classes around the city, but I’m going to back off on the “every week” thing. I’ll post when I’ve got the energy to experiment with a new ingredient and the time to write about it, and eventually, I hope, to get back onto a regular weekly schedule of cooking and writing. But don’t hold your breath. I hear newborns tend to throw wrenches into the works (also, up).


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